Seo friendly Article | on page seo factors Analysis Optimization | how to Rank fast in google

Seo friendly Article | on page seo factors Analysis Optimization | how to Rank fast in google

Seo friendly Article | on page seo factors Analysis Optimization | how to Rank fast in google


Seo friendly Article 4 free tools |  Are you also waiting for when our article should rank in Google, and you are working hard free seo writing assistant |  And you hope that your article should rank in Google as soon as possible, free seo content checker.  how to convention in voice website checker google

website safety check google

free seo writing tool | It can also be in your entire article that there are four five lines that are very difficult to read, and Googles notices all these things, and it may be Grammer mistek inside it, playgrigam more in it.  So, this is the solution to all the problems here, I am going to tell you in this article seo content writing tools free | And for more information about how to increase website traffic, click on the link below and read the post.

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After reading this post, your article will rank in Google as soon as possible, seo friendly article checker, you can do it with very easy way, but how will this happen, I am going to explain everything to you in this article but before that  If you have not followed my website, then definitely do follow this article as well like share comment, follow and subscribe.  And seo kya hai, for more information about it, please click on the link below and read the post.

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Friends, first of all you should know that if you have written an article, then how is the passive voice and active voice inside it and is there some line inside it that should not be read at all, because Google does all these things  Notices very closely, seo friendly website checker

how to write seo friendly article in English

If you have written a good article and have missed all these points, no matter how hard you work, your article will not rank in Google, and if Google accidentally ranked it, then it will be down in a few days.  Which will not be able to see your article, website checker google | And for more information about the type of seo, please read the article below.

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Now I will first tell you about this tool, which will be very beneficial for you, the name of this tool

 There is Hemingway App, after clicking on this website you will come to this website,

On this website, first you will see an article written here and on the right side of this article is showing you Readbilty Grade 6, that means the article is GOOD, and if you read it between 1 to 6 it is good.  , And below it show show more written, click on it,

So here you will know the reading time, letters, cheracters, how much is there, and it has been divided into five parts which you will see in color color and there you will also see the point in the article, which highlights some words in the article.  Will be visible, just like that you have to fix the highlights point in your article, like a paragraph in the article is highlighted in redcolor, which is called hard line,

Now you must be thinking how to fix this red line paragraph, then you have to divide this paragraph into small parts which can be easy for google and viewers to understand, just do so much and the grade of your article will be good,  Now let’s talk about our next tool,

Friends, you must have heard about grammarly, best grammar checker is also a free tool and paid tools too, and you may have grammar mistik in your article, there are many mistiks and you do not understand that you grammar  how to fix mistik,

So friends, I would like to tell you that you can fix grammar mistik with ease by using this free tool, and you can fix all grammar mistik in your article by using this free tools,

But this will be all about how I am going to tell you, the name of this tools is group seo tool, you will get all the premium rools of this tool very cheaply, in this tools you can singup for free,


After creating your account, you will see such a deshbord, which you can see in the image below, where you have to peste your article by clicking on new and write the tittle of your article in tittle, then later you set the goal  If you want to change it, then you can do it or else you can keep it as is, then you have to click on submit,

After that, the grammar of your article will be automatically corrected, and your on page seo will be very good, then your article will start ranking in google as soon as possible, now you have to copy this article on your blogger website or wordpress site  have to peste,


Now let’s talk about your next tools, which is the best free plagiarism checker, you will find many such primmum tools, but how many such tools that no one uses, today I will tell you about such tools which also persnol  I use whose name is quetext plagiarism checker, you will also get the primum and free of cost, here you have to peste the article,

Click on check plagiarism, but what you get perimum accuracies will not be found in free varsion, but you can also start with free varsion, I have done an article peste in which you can see my article is 100% plagiarism  , Which this Tulse has told me all the details that you can see in that website,

On the side of this tool, you have told all the details of the article, in which five steps are given, in which the% of the article is given, friends, if you want to rank you in google, then you should keep the plagiarism of the article from 5% to 15%,

Friends, you have now checked google seo of your article and grammer, you have also checked, and the plagiarism of the article has also checked that how much% of your article comes and how many% it should come to rank in google  I have also told you,

how to keyword research for seo

Now I am going to tell you that if you have to write an article and you do not understand what article to write on that topic, then I am going to tell you in this post, how to use such a tool in google keyword planner  I will tell you by which you can write an article on a lot of topics, whose name is Answer the public, in this you can also use preimum features and can also use free features,

This tool was not given the option to select country and language earlier, but now after the new update, you can easily search your country and language and do the best keyword research tool for your topic,

With the help of this tools, you can use keyword research tool free for your article in your article,

What you can see in the image, how to do keyword research, here I have done seo tool checker keyword search, where you have told many search keywords releted from it, for example how to seo checker for my website, which in google this  Types of searches are done,

Now you can use any of these keywords, here you will get all kinds of keyword research tips like long keyword, and short keyword, they can also rank your article in google by using it absolutely free,

Today, the tools I have told you, these tools will help you a lot on page seo tips in hindi, so that no one can stop you from getting your article ranked in google.

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